Me Pregnant! – Melbourne Fringe Festival


Love Emeline, love the monster, love the villagers and love Nick Coyle.

Presented by: Nick Coyle
Venue: Lithuanian Club, The Loft

Saturday, 24 September 2011 

Me Pregnant!

Love Emeline, love the monster, love the villagers and love Nick Coyle.

Me Pregnant! is a f’d-up fairy tail of a medieval village that followed nerdy Emeline into the forest to take revenge on a monster, but one of the monster’s babies survived and really hates Emeline.

Modelling a peasant sack with bright tights, Nick is our tour guide and everyone else in the village, the forest and the dark undersea cave. His story telling is immaculate, if you like your stories snarky, bitter and whimsical. And I don’t mean fluffy my-little-pony whimsy, this is whimsy that’s mixing speed and acid and never wants to come down.

And I now so want an octopus to give me a makeover and a tiny wind-up Nick Coyle doll to tell me bedtime stories.

“Tell me a story.” Shows that let their stories lead have audiences who love them. Me Pregnant!  lets Nick show his terrific writing and prove that he’s a performer who deserves to be cast in anything he wants, but the joy of the show is that he tells a brilliant story.

Nick’s only on until Friday, so don’t wait for the weekend to see him.

Until to 30 September  

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