Mark Nadler – I’m a Stranger Here Myself

Mark Nadler
Mark Nadler

Mark Nadler, one of New York City’s most acclaimed cabaret sensations, is becoming a familiar face at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. In his current show, I’m A Stranger Here Myself, Nadler provides a masterclass on cabaret – his musical finesse, narrative and personal touch is superb.

Nadler commences the show with a stern warning – do not spoil the ending for your friends – before exploring the music, the culture, the people, and the politics of the Weimar era. Nadler, of German heritage himself, explores the lives of not only Weimar composers but also ordinary German citizens who, with courage, comedy and conviction, existed through the most intriguing and emotionally charged period of the twentieth century.

[pull_left]Nadler provides a masterclass on cabaret – his musical finesse, narrative and personal touch is superb.[/pull_left]

With Mark on the piano, simply supported by violin and piano accordian, his arrangements of Weimar classics facilitated an amazing emotional journey for the audience. At times we were in hysterics – particularly attributable to the unforgettable renditions of ‘I know you know I know’ and ‘Schicklegruber’ – but the subtlety and emotion in numbers like ‘The Lavender Song’ left the audience holding their breath in silence.

Nadler’s patter was effortless, and his flamboyant personality (perhaps a little at odds with the subject matter) provided the opportunity for numerous jokes and made ‘I know you know I know’ all the more enjoyable. His skilful combination of language, flipping between English and German with ease, enhanced the story and provided repeat reminders of the Weimar significance.

Mark Nadler’s fifth show at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, I’m a Stranger Here Myself, is a resounding success and will be enjoyed by all. The positive audience reception, including a much-deserved standing ovation, leaves Adelaide audiences in eager anticipation of what will be Nadler’s next cabaret creation to grace our stages.


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