Kunst ist Scheisse

What do we want? More Kunst! When do we want it? Once a fortnight on Wednesdays. Where do we want it? At an uber-cool bar in a dingy Melbourne lane named after rock legends.

Eva Johansen & Jonathon Miller24 Moons Wednesday 30 June 2010 
KunstWhat do we want? More Kunst! When do we want it? Once a fortnight on Wednesdays. Where do we want it? At an uber-cool bar in a dingy Melbourne lane named after rock legends.
The arty folk know that Kunst ist Scheisse means Art is Shit and should be lining up for this changing mix of the oddest and most gorgeous cabaret artists in town.
For their opening week, host and diva Eva Johansen got her knickers out and welcomed guests who have won so many awards that they’d need a really big shelf if they lived in a share house.
Wes Snelling left Tina del Twiste sulking at home and gave us a welcome taste of Wes unplugged; The List Operators continue to be one of the most consistently original and strange acts around and offered a bite of the brilliance they are taking to Edinburgh (and Matt Kelly’s Michael Jackson is burned into my retinas); Earl Shatford made sparklie shirts sexy again and reminded us how jaw-droppping awesome juggling can be; Jess Devereaux found the best 1980s school social dress ever to combine dance, comedy and fashion; comedian David Quirk shared some embarrassing moments of his past; the Suitcase Royale got some mates on stage to form a super band; and the Caravan of Love girls let a couple of strangers find their hidden treats with chop sticks. 
While regular nights like the fabulous The Last Tuesday Society encourage experimentation in front of hipsters downing beers, Kunst is more about showing some of the best acts around to uber-cool sophistcates who sip cocktails but never stop giggling at the word play of the title.
Kunst ist Sheisse has found its new home at 24 Moons. This place is so cool that I almost felt uncool in my flat MaryJanes and an old PJ top from a Bras and Things sale. Found at the top of a staircase at the darker end of street-art filled ACDC Lane, this place has no choice but to rock, and its cut out cityscape wall design, ivy covered moon lights and comfy seats that encourage intimacy or welcome strangers couldn’t be a more perfect setting.
Throw in a cocktail list guaranteed to make us who love Matt Preston weep at its originality and beauty (the one with Violet Syrup or the one that comes with a chocolate truffle please) and cheap cold cider on tap, it’d be difficult to get a better night of Kunst.
The next line up (Wednesday 14 July) includes whimsical, Fringe-favourite and bloody funny poet Telia Neville and the voice guaranteed to break hearts, Simoncee Page-Jones. With possibility of Eva and Simoncee singing together, get there early to grab the best seats. Next show 14 July 2010 

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Anne-Marie Peard

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