G’Day Habibi

When Danielle Faour began her show, G’Day Habibi, with an unaccompanied Arabic pop song, I admit I feared the worst. I worried that this would be a show that not only was not for me, but was aggressively opposed to me.

G'Day Habibi. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016
G’Day Habibi. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

How wrong I was! Faour’s show about growing up with a Lebanese father and anglo mother was an absolute riot, not unrelated to the fact that she had quite a few members of her family in the audience.

Sure some of the vocal manners need to be smoothed over, and Faour could stand to gain some experience in dealing with a rowdy audience, but this is a new voice with an exciting future in Melbourne’s cabaret scene, and I look forward to seeing what she does next.


2 thoughts on “G’Day Habibi

  • Went and saw the show thought it was an absolute scream will definitely be up for anything else Danielle Faour does.

  • Those reading this, Tonight is the last show we are doing of G’day Habibi

    We are holding the event at the Butterfly Club in Melbourne tonight, show starts at 8:30pm

    Come along for some fun!

    We hope to see you there.

    Tickets can also be purchased from the box office.


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