Fringe World Perth – Briefs: The Second Coming

Briefs The Second Coming
Briefs The Second Coming

As with all second comings there is an air of excitement, memories of the past and expectations.

I remember Briefs, performed at last year’s Fringe Festival, as being extremely funny, full of glitzy costumes, with high class circus acts and stories from its MC Fez Faanan that, at times, touched the heart.  Unfortunately Briefs: The Second Coming resembled nothing more than a male strip review. I wanted to like Briefs: The Second Coming, I really did.

There were hints of the classy Briefs I remembered as the show’s opening revealed a stage awash with giant feather fans.  The male cast removed clothes behind choreographed fans to a number reminiscent of Gypsy Lee Rose.  Ben Lewis on the high ropes proved you don’t need a body like the Incredible Hulk to turn, slip, slide and drop, while the young, good looking, cheeky local boy from Broome, Louis Briggs, attempted to juggle hats from various parts of his body. With further practice Louis’ performance could be a highlight of the show.

The real star of Briefs: The Second Coming is Mark Captain Kidd Windmill (winner of King of Burlesque in Las Vegas).  Strutting onto the stage Windmill wore a costume that resembled a colourful parrot and uncovered a giant glass bowl full of water.  The act that followed was original and entertaining as he frolicked in the water and flew above the audience with the grace of a bird.

Gone from Briefs: The Second Coming is the comedic genius of Fez Faanan as MC.  His introductions to the acts and costumes reminiscent of the movie, Pricilla Queen of the Desert were sorely missed.  The three acts of mime performed by Dallas Dallaforce were overdone and a little too long, loosing their comedic performance.

Unfortunately Briefs: The Second Coming lacked the sophistication and artistry of its predecessor.

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