Fringe World Festival Perth – The Sound of Nazis

Sound of NazisThe hills are alive with hysterical laughter!

This 60 minute production of The Sound of Nazis borrows the premise from the 1956 West German film Die Trappe Familie which was made into another famous movie with a similar sounding name.

The strong cast of six – Leigh Qurban, Florence Bourke, James McCann, Kel Balnaves, Brandon Mannarino and Hayman Kent – all play several characters each in this topsy turvy comedy.

Once-familiar characters are twisted for comedic purposes (cue Australian nun who allows for the obligatory jokes about Australia vs Austria) and a hobo who inexplicably removed his clothes. The seven Von Trapp children have been reduced to two, the others having died while on the Titanic.

The Sound of Nazis not only uses events from the era but finds current events to weave political incorrectness into the plot.

There are one liners, puns and musical numbers that have the audience in fits of hysterical laughter and at one point I found myself doubled over with tears rolling down my face. Some of the more hilarious moments include scenes including the nuns, the delivery of telegrams by Rolf and the dance with Liesl under the “Gay Zeebo”.

Only one attempt at humor, the reason Liesl was so dumb, appeared not to work, as the audience let out gasps rather than expected laughter.

Written by James Mccann The Sound of Nazis saw members of the sell out audience recalling lines from the script while joyously laughing as they exited the Deluxe tent.

Don’t let the title put you off. It’s one very hilarious, politically incorrect show that will have you splitting at the seams with laugher. Grab your tickets now!

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