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The Fantastic Mr Bobby Fox, who was hand-picked by Frankie Valli himself to star in Jersey Boys, presents a grand performance of Four Seasons in One Night at the Glen St Theatre. The familiar, toe-tapping music was what made the show alluring, but put together with Fox’s charismatic personality and entertaining anecdotes, this show was elevated to a wonderful night at the theatre.

From the opening number we were thrown straight into Valli’s well-known falsetto. Fox does a brilliant job of mimicking Valli’s unique tone whilst bringing his own flair to the familiar music. With each song, Fox’s outstanding voice was showcased more and more. But he wasn’t pulling the show alone, the band and backing vocalists were just as crucial to the wonderful sound being produced. 

Bobby Fox
Bobby Fox. Image by Blueprint Studios

Laura Bunting (keys), Isaac Hayward (MD/guitar), Nick Sinclair (bass) and Andy Davies (drums) carried the classic Four Seasons hits with ease. Carl Fidler and Juliane Di Sisto blended cohesively as backing vocalists and were the source of some great moments throughout the show, such as Di Sisto’s duet with Fox in the second act.

At times, Fox’s magnetism and liveliness outshone those around him, and I was aching for the others on stage to be enjoying it as much as Fox was. However, mostly there seemed to be a great energy between the band and at times they seemed to be having almost as great a time as the audience was.

The song selection was brilliantly done; every song sat in its perfect place in the show. There was a great combination of up tempo numbers; in which Fox occasionally showcased his heritage through his suave Irish dance moves; and ballads, in which the audience was captivated by Fox’s voice and powerful storytelling. Although the music was what most people came for, Fox’s personality and patter between songs is what kept the audience engaged from start to finish.

Fox regaled the audience with tales of his journey from first experiencing Jersey Boys, to his cringe-worthy initial audition, to the gruelling and inspiring process of becoming Frankie Valli, all the way through to his final performance as Valli. He took the audience on an emotional and hilarious journey, stringing us along with his impeccable comedic timing, natural charm and moving stories. 

At the conclusion of the show the audience had greater insight into Fox’s personality and background, as well as an entertaining look at the behind the scenes of the Australian production of Jersey Boys.

Fox and his team did a fabulous job of capturing the essence of the Four Seasons in one night. You heard all the songs you wanted to, as well as some that maybe weren’t as familiar but were just as remarkable. And you laughed along with Fox as he brought the audience into his own story and that of the Four Seasons.

Bec Caton

Bec has a diploma in musical theatre and is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English. She is a freelance theatre writer in Sydney.

Bec Caton

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