Déjà Vu (And Other Forms of Knowing) – Melbourne Fringe

Andi Snelling’s new solo show Déjà Vu is an eerie and fascinating physical exploration into the subconscious mind.

Andi Snelling. Image by Sarah Walker
Andi Snelling. Image by Sarah Walker

With absolutely no dialogue, the show is 45 minutes of intense movement laced with a dark humour and a bittersweet vibe. Snelling’s incredible control over her body while performing is sublime to watch and she takes great pleasure in playing with the gothic and the grotesque.

As director, Danielle Cresp proves to be a fantastic collaborator to Snelling, while Caleb Garfinkel’s jarring and abrupt soundtrack provides a haunting and beautifully atmospheric backdrop to the performance. This is a truly original and exciting show.

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