David O’Doherty – David O’Doh-Party

 David O’Doherty is back in Melbourne with a new show that premiered at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, David O’Doh-Party.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Venue: Forum Theatre  Sunday 28 March 2010 David O'DohertyDavid O’Doherty is back in Melbourne with a new show that premiered at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, David O’Doh-Party. O’Doherty is in good form with his singular brand of charming comedy incorporating songs and spoken word accompanied by his faithful miniature Yamaha keyboard, together with his own shambolic and laid back style of stand-up.
If you’ve seen O’Doherty before you may recognise certain songs at intro and end, however these have been updated for 2010 and still work well. This show is loosely based on O’Doherty’s observations of the main human failings such as gullibility, being too emotional and ‘the horn’. His whimsical, dry sarcasm and clever play-on-words deliver wonderful observations on modern life and the human condition. 
Many comedians rage against life’s copious annoyances and O’Doherty too does this in style. His ‘Beefs 2010’, a song updated each year, is particularly sharp and hits the target. Yet, this is ultimately a guy with a positive outlook on life and one which is delightfully appealing and contagious. This is, after all, a man whose day job involves writing songs ‘about badgers on Skype’.
O’Doherty reads facts deadpan from his recently published book 100 Facts About Pandas, which was co-written with fellow comedians Mike Ahern and Claudia O’Doherty. These absurd gems are delightful; all the more so when you learn that this book has lead O’Doherty to be interviewed on Pandas by National Geographic magazine. Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au
Until 18 April 2010 

Anne-Marie Peard

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Anne-Marie Peard

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