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ClownbustingZoe Lyons reminds me of a Leprechaun on crack, except she is neither Irish nor diminutive. It’s something about her cartoonish physical delivery and whiplash humour that makes me draws the comparison. She’s actually English and of medium stature, but oh so very funny. She’s exactly why people show up in droves every year to see stand out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Lyons delivers an absolute cracker of show in Clownbusting. You’d think that such an outstanding performance would be easy to write about but what do you say about a show that’s almost flawless? It doesn’t help that I was laughing so hard I missed half the material which was drowned out by my own, and others, snorts and screeches.

Lyons storytelling style is affable and effervescent with the right amount of wrong. It’s a bit like sitting down with an English mate who’s had one too many pints and won’t shut up but you keep buying them drinks anyway because they are so highly amusing. When the show comes to an end you only wish that the pub was open for another hour.

It makes me wonder how a renowned Melbourne comedian a few years back stated that female comedians aren’t funny. Obviously he’s a man who, for a change, must have been busy doing his washing because how did he miss the fact that female comedians are clever, intelligent and hilarious in their own right. But why am I even stating the obvious? All I know is Zoe Lyons’ Clownbusting is funniest stand up show I’ve ever seen.

Melbournians, non-Melbournians, male chauvinists and Leprechauns, alike, make sure you see this show. I promise that you will not be disappointed and you might even have to change your mind about female comedians.

Karla Dondio

Karla Dondio is a Melbourne based freelance writer who has been reviewing theatre, comedy, cabaret and other live assortments for five years now.

Karla Dondio

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