Clinton The Musical will have you on your knees with laughter

Black Swan State Theatre Company’s Clinton The Musical is a fast paced hilarious, irreverent and wild ride through the two terms of the (Bill) Clinton Presidency.  And it will have you on your knees with laughter.

Simon Burke. Clinton The Musical. Image by Daniel James Grant.
Simon Burke. Clinton The Musical. Image by Daniel James Grant.

Written by two Australian brothers, Michael and Paul Hodge, Clinton The Musical is witty and clever with a toe tapping score. The brothers have also managed to include the Clintons’ latest attempt to reach the White House as part of the Perth production.

Director Adam Mitchell has created a visually entertaining and comical production with a standout cast.  Consisting of seasoned professionals and new graduates the cast give a  flawless performance. It is impossible to single out any one performer as each have their moment in the light with perfect comic timing and laugh out loud moments.

Taking the idea from Bill Clinton’s autobiography that he felt he led “parallel lives”, the Hodge brothers present the audience with two Bill Clintons. The wise, sober leader WJ Clintion, played by Simon Burke, wants to be remembered for social change while the reckless, womanising Billy Clinton, Matt Dyktunski (known for his role on Perth’s 94.5FM Breakfast show) wants to enjoy his time in the White House. Both Burke and Dyktynski play the charismatic Clinton with charm, portraying the frustration each experiences with each other.

The duets between Brendan Hanson as Kenneth Starr and Luke Hewitt as Newt Gingrich are reminiscent of two looney tunes characters as they plot (with evil laughs) to bring down the Clinton presidency.

Lisa Adam as Hilary Clinton. Image by Daniel James Grant.
Lisa Adam as Hilary Clinton. Image by Daniel James Grant.

Megan Kozak’s Monica Lewinsky is perectly naive and insecure while Lisa Adam’s portrayal as Hillary Clinton is strong and vivacious. Adam brings gravitas to the role and her performance of ‘Enough’ in act 2 is full of the emotional upheaval one must feel upon learning they have been cheated on.

The set designed by Bruce McKinven is perfectly presidential. Complete with the Capitol building dome (in which the orchestra, under the direction of David Young, is seated) and a revolving set which also reveals the Oval Office, press room and White House exteriors.

Do not miss this hilarious production of Clinton The Musical. If the fact this is a wonderful Australian premiere, written by two very talented Australian composers isn’t enough to get you there, I guarantee you it will be the funniest and most fun you will have in a theatre in years.

And with the current presidential race in progress, fingers crossed there is the opportunity for a Clinton The Musical sequel.

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