Charles Dickens Performs A Christmas Carol

 If you only do one thing this weekend, get thee down to The Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne to catch Charles Dickens Performs a Christmas Carol presented by Eagles Nest Theatre.

 DickensIf you only do one thing this weekend, get thee down to The Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne to catch Charles Dickens Performs a Christmas Carol presented by Eagles Nest Theatre. 
Persuaded by friends to make his private readings public, Dickens readings became famous and played to packed theatres across Britain and the United States. 
Referencing facsimiles of Dickens original transcripts, Director James Adler relays a much loved and venerated literary text into 100 minutes of impressive storytelling with remarkable fluidity and accuracy. A job without doubt made simpler through the close collaboration of Director with performer Phil Zachariah.
As well as bearing an uncanny likeness to Dickens himself [the beard is real], Zachariah brings to life some of literatures most memorable characters including the likes of Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Bob Cratchit and the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future with an affection and a proficiency that will astound and captivate you. 
Conducted in five staves, said for one or two infinitesimal hiccups, Zachariah never misses a beat. Zachariah’s ability to assume the personality of each character or switch between characters and still keep our interest peaked is quite remarkable.
Given such indelible characters as the cold-hearted, miserly Scrooge to work with, it’s imperceptible to think that even a lesser performer could muck it up, but with clever direction, and in good hands, characters like Scrooge live on.
My scepticism surrounding whether a tale this enduring, could be recreated without losing any of that magical Dickensian wit was utterly and completely satiated. And going by the frequent bursts of laughter from the audience, their appetite was satiated along with mine.
Since coming together in 2003, Adler still finds subtle nuances in Zachariah’s performances even after 250+ shows together. If that doesn’t speak to the depth of a performers talent, than I don’t know what does.
Maybe George Orwell knows what does. ‘When Dickens has once described something, you see it for the rest of your life.’ 
And he’s right.
Sat, 10 December 8pmSun, 11 December 4pm
Athenaeum Theatre, 188 Collins Street, Melbourne$25 – $40 1300 795 012

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