Breast Wishes

 Breast Wishes is a musical that follows a family of four women and their respective relationships with their bosoms. 

 Presented by: Bien-etre Productions Venue: Glen Street Theatre Thursday 1 September, 2011 
Breast WishesBreast Wishes is a musical that follows a family of four women and their respective relationships with their bosoms. Like a slightly tamer version of Sex and the City (with musical numbers) the show light-heartedly sets up the many different perspectives and attitudes towards boobies. When Lyn, the mother, (played by Octavia Barron-Martin) gets an uncertain reading from her mammogram, she faces the prospect of a mastectomy, and losing her ‘puppies’, which she has taken for granted all these years.
An initiative of the Breast Cancer Foundation to raise revenue for breast cancer research, I couldn’t think of a better reason to go out an see a piece of theatre. The cast all put in solid performances with the vocally impressive Meghan O’Shea a stand out, bringing a charisma and depth to the character of Sal.
The band was tight and energetic and the sets dazzled. Where the production sagged was in the story. It wasn’t until a full forty-five minutes into the show before something resembling a plot surfaced, and even then, the plot seemed tacked on as an afterthought to give the show a moral and encourage women to get themselves checked. It may be a case of too many cooks with seven writers credited, but ultimately, the show hinges uneasily between a revue and a musical.
The show, however, is clearly geared towards a middle aged female audience, and on the night that I saw, they were willing to forgive, clearly enjoying the production and its bosomy subject matter. Breast Wishes has an extensive regional tour which you can check out on their website Grab your mum or aunty and get along to see it. It’s for a great cause.

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