Boylesque – entertaining, energised and sexy

Boylesque. Image: supplied
Boylesque. Image: supplied

The Adelaide Feast Queer Cultural Festival is hosting Boylesque in The Ballroom at the ANZ Hub on Light Square for a mere 4 performances.

It’s a pared down version of the show's weekly theatrical extravaganza at its birthplace in the GH Hotel in Melbourne. No one will be disappointed though – what’s left is a focus on the men, their bodies (naturally), their dancing and the over-all performance. And what a performance! It’s highly energised with the choreography by Todd Patrick nothing short of superb – remaining vigorous and fresh throughout the 90-minute show.

These performers know how to engage an audience and the crowds are appreciably raucous as the dancing is sexual and frenetic. There’s lots of bum wiggling and what these guys can do in high he

els would impress Margot Fonteyn.

The show is hosted by husky showgirl Paris who provides one of the highlights of the night dolled up as a glamorous Rita Hayworth performing Edith Piaf’s 'Non, je ne regrette rien'.

Other highlights include Paris dressed as a pharaoh complete with all 10 performers dancing on stage in various Egyptian costumes. Another routine, again with every dancer on stage, in combinations of showgirl outfits dancing to ‘Young Hearts’ and an amusing interpretation of ‘Mein Herr’. Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ where a dancer’s near naked body gets sprayed painted with graffiti excited just about everyone in The Ballroom tent. In keeping with the cabaret setting, the Weimaresque numbers went over exceptionally well.

The audience was diverse in sexuality and gender but what they shared was a rowdy response to the entertainment or as Paris aptly put it “They’re here to entertain you, you’re here to be entertained – you’re gonna hit it off” and judging by the smiling faces on men and women leaving the show, Paris was spot-on.

Now, if only the Cancan was “real” it would’ve topped off a vibrantly entertaining and tantalising show.