The Astruds: Rent (is Due)

The Astruds are Sarah Wall and Freya Long. In Rent (is Due), they welcome us into their home. Sure, they still haven’t unpacked fully, but hey, they’ve only been there six months.

The Astruds. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016
The Astruds. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

Through a collection of songs, they take us through the hopes and fears of the modern early-20-something, from the frustration of dealing with Centrelink through to a costume change. The linking material feels a little clumsy, but it gets us to the next number, so what the hell.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that The Astruds do the music thing very well, and they do the humour thing very well. What they don’t do well, the words thing (both patter and lyrics), is something the can, and should, get a third member for.


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