What’s Next for The GreenHouse?

Polytoxic - The Rat Trap
Polytoxic - The Rat Trap

It’s widely thought that Brisbane audiences are quite conservative, tending to shy away from shows that have an unfamiliar title, performers and content. However, the success of La Boite’s Indie programme, WTF and festivals like 2high says otherwise.

‘Mainstream’ theatre companies are embracing our want for something a little offbeat. With Artistic Director, Wesley Enoch, at the helm, QTC launched its GreenHouse programme in January this year. This initiative aims to nurture artists, ideas and performances of all sorts. Next on the menu is The Rat Trap, a brand new production by acclaimed troupe, Polytoxic.

Brisbane based Polytoxic have traveled internationally, delighting audiences with their Aussie sense of humour. Their work is a unique blend of many physical styles of performance – dance, cabaret, circus and physical theatre. However, everything they do is very character driven, and is often infused with political or social satire, paying homage to Pacific traditions all the while. The ensemble includes Mark Winmill (who was recently crowned King of Burlesque in Las Vegas), Natano Fa’anana (Melbourne Fringe Circus Oz award), Leah Shelton (The Brides of Frank), Lisa Fa’alafi (Hot Brown Bitch Burlesque) and creative director Fez Fa’anana.

In The Rat Trap, five seedy characters walk into a bar, and while I’m unsure what the punch line is, what follows will definitely involve melodrama, seduction, despair and a certain number of whips, hoops, fans and drinking. The characters roam the room, and I have a feeling it will be up to the audience to get out of their way…

The Rat Trap plays at QTC’s Billie Brown Studio from the 10th to the 26th of May.

More Information: www.queenslandtheatre.com.au/what-is-on/the-greenhouse/the-rat-trap/

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