Website makes a splash

An Australian website dedicated to increasing the number of 10 minute plays produced around the world is making big waves.

The website,, has emerged as a huge success and has enjoyed a brilliant 12 months.

The site has continued to grow in popularity and on Google it rates as the number one ten minute play website worldwide. And on is second.

“Theatre companies, drama schools, schools, actors and directors across the globe are coming to to download a wide range of scripts perfect for productions, study in class and scene work,” Broun said.

“The numbers are staggering.”

Since the website went online in December 2007 it has racked up nearly three million hits and it continues to grow.

“All these hits have resulted in a fabulous year in terms of productions,” Broun said.

“In 2009 I have had seven productions of one-act and full length plays, 13 films made of short film scripts and a staggering 159 productions of ten minute plays.

“This brings my total productions to: 17 films, 55 one act-full length plays and 321 productions of my ten minute plays as I continue to move towards my goal of 100 different ten minute plays produced.”

The current total sits at 59 plays produced in 321 productions. 100 ten minute plays produced in 1000 productions now seems a very realistic target.

The most popular ten minute plays produced in 2009 were 10,000 Cigarettes with 34 productions, with another favourite, The First Fireworks, in second place with 15 productions.

If 10,000 Cigarettes continues its current trajectory it should hit a century of productions in 2010.

“The real mover in terms of the last 12 months was a new play The Kill, with 13 productions, in just 12 months,” Broun said.

“Not a bad start for the play about dreams, very sharp knives and tomatoes.”

Cate Blanchett Wants To Be My Friend On Facebook also enjoyed a good year with nine productions, as did The Actress Dilemma with seven productions (including winning awards for Audience Favourite at Ten x 10 in Wagga Wagga and acting and directing awards at Fast & Furious at the Peninsula Theatre Company on Sydney’s northern beaches) and another new play, Blood Reversal, that was produced an encouraging seven times.


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