Tune into ‘Ensemble Theatre Conversations’ about relationships and intimacy

Sydney: Ensemble Theatre has announced the latest ‘Ensemble Conversations’ for people to stay connected to the theatre. This week you can hear the creative forces behind Honour with writer Joanna Murray-Smith and director Kate Champion.

Ensemble Theatre’s Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry chats with Joanna and Kate about their Australian modern classic, Honour, as they delve into some of the themes behind this funny yet frank exploration of intimacy and relationships.

Joanna Murray-Smith wrote the two Ensemble productions, Ninety in 2010 –  also about a broken marriage with Kate Raison and Brian Meegan and Bombshells in 2013 – with Sharon Millerchip playing 6 different characters.

Last year Kate Champion directed Fully Committed – a play about culinary culture and the service industry with Contessa Treffone playing over 30 characters.

Led by Ensemble Theatre’s Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry, each week people can tune in on Facebook for Ensemble Theatre’s latest news and a glimpse behind the scenes.

Ensemble Conversations features interviews with actors and creatives, exclusive scene reads, interactive Q&A sessions and more. Ensemble Ambassadors Georgie Parker, Todd McKenney, Kate Raison and Brian Meegan, writer Melanie Tait, director Priscilla Jackman and actors Ben Wood and Sharon Millerchip were the first to start the brand new series answering questions about the world of theatre and television.

To tune in to Ensemble Conversations please follow them on Facebook @ensembletheatre

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