Top 5 most famous casino heists

From daring raids in Monaco’s most luxurious gambling establishments to cunning plans for cash and jewelry in Las Vegas, casino heists often inspire movies and books. In this article, we take a look at five of the most famous casino heists that took place in different parts of the world and left their mark on the history of crime and entertainment. From the Monegasque Monte Carlo raid to the daring Las Vegas casino heist, these crimes are as surprising in their audacity as they are intriguing in their details.

Some of them have become landmarks in world criminal history, while others remain the subject of debate for decades after their commission. Modern online casinos are also being attacked by robbers, but online. Every year, online casinos are discovering new ways to protect themselves from malicious criminals. For example, BetFury BTC casino is one of the most secure and reliable casinos online and uses advanced methods of protection online. Now let’s dive into the world of gambling, money and crime by taking a closer look at each of these episodes.

The Bellagio Casino Robbery (2000)

This sinister raid on the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas captured the world’s attention for its audacity and the complexity of its planning. A group of armed criminals, masked and armed, broke into the establishment and seized not only large sums of cash but also jewelry totaling over $1 million.

Their plan involved scrutinizing the casino’s security systems, which allowed them to avoid being delayed at the scene of the crime. Despite their cunning, the criminals were later caught and brought to justice, making this robbery one of the most memorable in Las Vegas casino history.

Monte Carlo Casino Robbery (2010)

This shocking raid at the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco left a mark in people’s minds for its audacity and large losses. A group of criminals, acting with guns and threats, seized gems and jewelry totaling more than $100 million. The robbery caused widespread international media coverage and was thoroughly investigated by law enforcement, but the criminals were never caught.

Star Casino Heist (2018)

In 2018, the Star Casino in Sydney, Australia was the site of an audio robbery attack that shocked the public with its scope and ambition. A group of masked armed criminals broke into the establishment, targeting the gaming tables and cash drawers. They stole cash in excess of $3 million, making it one of the largest heists in Australian casino history. A thorough law enforcement investigation follows to this day, but the criminals remain at large, leaving behind only cold-blooded audacity and mystery.

Buggsy Siegel Casino Robbery (1947)

One of the first major casino robberies in the United States was the attack on the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas, owned by notorious gangster Buggsy Siegel. During the opening of this casino, unknown criminals armed to the teeth, raided the establishment and stole a significant amount of money. This robbery not only brought massive attention to the gambling establishment, but also made the Buggsy Siegel casino one of the most famous in Las Vegas, paving the way for its reputation in the world of crime and entertainment.

Bellagio Casino Robbery (2017)

In 2017, the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas witnessed an audio robbery attack that caused considerable excitement in the community. A group of masked armed criminals attacked the casino, smashing watch windows and stealing precious jewelry. Although the total value of the stolen goods was not accurately estimated, this robbery attracted attention both on its own and in the context of previous crimes at the same gambling establishment, reinforcing the reputation of the Bellagio casino as a venue for daring and grand heists.

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