The New AussieTheatre Forums

New AussieTheatre Forums
Our New Forums

Over the last week the AussieTheatre Forums have found a new home.

If you have been a regular user of the forums in the past then you will notice a lot of differences. They are still a little rough around the edges, but we are slowly getting there. In the next couple of days you will notice small changes, hopefully making things clearer, allowing for greater ease of use.

If you have not used the forums before then we would love you to head over there and join in the conversation. We are looking at adding new areas such as an area specifically for writers to discuss their trials and tribulations or for performers to discuss courses in different states.

If you do have any ideas on how you would like to use the forums please leave a note on their or you can email me privately at [email protected].

A Little Background:

If you are wondering why we moved the forums at all, considering they weren’t broken. There are a number of reasons.

First of all, the software we were using was quite old and was leaving us open to a lot of spam and possible security issues, so it had to be upgraded at least to the latest version.

What we decided to do was transfer the forums across to a site that was running the same software (WordPress) that powers the rest of the AussieTheatre site. Although the sites are completely separate at the moment, part of the road map is to eventually merge them into one, allowing everything to live together and managed from the one area.

This will have other advantages as we expand AussieTheatre as you user name and password will be able to be used site wide.

The second, and most urgent reason for moving the forums, is that we have outgrown our current hosting. This is not only causing a few issues with the way the site is running, but also inciting regular terse emails from our hosting provider. We have made a decision to move to a larger host that better suits our needs, but it only allows for a single site. Therefore running the forums off the back of our current site was no longer an option.

We have initiated the move this week and it should result in much faster load times across the whole of AussieTheatre which is exciting. It should also allow us to add a few more components that we have been previously unable to roll out.

Matt Edwards

Matt is a past owner of AussieTheatre, working as digital director from 2011 to 2019. He is also a performer, most recently appeared in the Australian tour of Mamma Mia! and previously in the Australian/NZ tour of CATS and Enda Markey's acclaimed production of Blood Brothers. As well as performing Matt keeps himself busy in the digital side of the arts working with web design agency Emptyhead Digital

Matt Edwards

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