The National Theatre Company ready to launch in 2013

More exciting news for Newcastle Theatre-goers as The National Theatre Company (TNTC) opens its doors this year.

The National Theatre Company LogoTNTC is a Newcastle-based theatre company that aims to be a unique power force within community theatre production; producing high-quality musical, comedy, drama and dance productions and welcoming members of diverse ages and backgrounds.

When AussieTheatre chatted with TNTC Artistic Director and CEO Chris Maxfield about his amazing vision for TNTC and upcoming productions, we couldn’t help but feel incredibly excited about a new theatre company that is guaranteed to bring even more artistic vibrancy into Newcastle and the surrounding Hunter Region.

Aside from the obvious pleasure of getting to see TNTC’s brilliant and entertaining performances, the company has a firm grip of the real meaning of community theatre, as Chris told AussieTheatre.

“We want to attract members from a broad range of backgrounds with a broad range of values. Not just on stage, but within all areas of production”, he said.

[pull_left]TNTC’s first production is the Australian premiere of the re-orchestrated and re-scripted Godspell which opened on Broadway in 2011[/pull_left]

Chris believes that including a broad range of ages and backgrounds within the company will also help younger members with their development as future artists, encouraging them into solid futures and defining them as adults.

TNTC hopes to extend its vision to providing artist development opportunities for young performers, with plans to use profits from productions to provide scholarships and activities for young members.

Mentoring and partnerships are also being put in place for young members to learn from experienced practitioners, allowing them a richer community theatre experience and encouraging them as potential professional artists.

Though TNTC is a not-for-profit company, its aims are to generate income to provide high-quality productions to audiences and to provide as many youth development opportunities as possible.

The National Theatre Company will present the Broadway revival production of Godspell as their first production
The National Theatre Company will present the Broadway revival production of Godspell as their first production

TNTC’s first eagerly-anticipated production is the Australian premiere of the re-orchestrated and re-scripted Godspell – the vibrant musical re-telling of the Easter story by Stephen Schwartz of WICKED fame – which was revived on Broadway in 2011. Having secured the rights to the revamped version, the Australian premiere will open in Newcastle on 28 February and transfer to Singleton on 8 March, arriving just in time for Easter.

Young TNTC members have also been rehearsing for their upcoming production of Jason Robert Brown’s 13 The Musical. With a cast made up completely of teenagers, this musical comedy is set to hit Newcastle and Singleton in late May.

With two musical productions already set to take on Newcastle stages, it looks like The National Theatre Company is in for bright and prosperous New Year!

Presented by:The National Theatre Company

Newcastle – St Philip’s Christian College Theatre, Cnr Station & Harriet Streets Waratah.

Singleton – Singleton Civic Centre, Queen Street, Singleton


Newcastle – 28th Feb  to 2nd March

Singleton – 8th March – 9th March

Bookings and Information:

Visit or email [email protected].

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  • Godspell’s cancelled!

    It reminds me of another upstart company with ideas bigger than their potential audience, who also liked to cancel shows – Kookaburra Musical Theatre. Is Chris Maxfield this decade’s Peter Cousins?


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