The Best Movies About Horse Racing

There are some sports which travel globally and have done so for a while. Horse racing is definitely one of them, with major events taking place all over the world throughout the year, making horse racing one of the most watched sports in the world.

Betting has been synonymous with horse racing since its formation many, many years ago. Today, sports betting is still a massive part of what drives popularity, and prize money, in horse racing.

The Kentucky Derby odds as well as events like the Grand National in the United Kingdom are searched and bet on every year with huge amounts of money going back and forth between sportsbook and customer.

As well as betting on the horse racing, there are many films which have been blockbuster hits or cult classics. It is a topic/genre which has produced some great films you must see if you have any interest in motion pictures.


Let’s kick off with a classic, possibly the best movie ever made about the world of horse racing. Seabiscuit is a true story about an undersized racehorse whose victories lifted the spirits of a nation in depression-era United States. A struggling jockey and a troubled owner train, what many describe as a temperamental and unmanageable horse, into a champion.

Seabiscuit is a Best Motion Picture nominee and features a wealth of top-quality actors such as Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, and Elizabeth Banks.

With success in the 1930’s and 40’s Seabiscuit’s story is one which will lift your mood and give you belief, it will inspire you and get you ready for the Kentucky Derby this year with a little history and lot of passion.


Continuing with films based on real life events, Secretariat looks at the life of Penny Chenery who takes over her family’s thoroughbred farm after her father becomes ill. She goes on to discover and train Secretariat and goes on to win the Triple Brown in 1973.

Released in 2010 by Walt Disney Pictures and staring John Malkovich, the film was well received and won Best Film for Mature Audiences at the MovieGuide Awards and well as Best Feature Film at the Christopher Awards.

Secretariat was the first American Triple Crown winner for 25 years, coming from an owner who had so little experience and was thrust into the role due to family death and illness. It is a fantastic film well worth giving a chance.

National Velvet

One of the rare fictional horse racing movies. Starring a young Elizabeth Taylor as the main character, she wins a horse in a raffle which, as a 12-year-old girl, she decides to train to win the Grand National.

With a horse named The Pie, schoolgirl Velvet Brown teams up with a drifter, played by Mikey Rooney, to get The Pie to Aintree where young Velvet Brown rides the horse herself in the Grand National.

It is an iconic film which has is one for real film buffs who enjoy the historic, films of yesteryear.

Let It Ride

Horse Racing films can often fall into the drama category but Let it Ride is a fantastic comedy from 1989 which focuses on the betting side of the sport.

You’ll find celebrated actor Richard Dreyfuss in the lead role as a taxi driver who gets a hot tip on a horse and wins big. Though a comedy, it does centre on gambling addiction as Dreyfuss’ character cannot stop after getting his big win.

The film is based on the book Good Vibes, and stars Robbie Coltrane as the bookmaker in the movie. Some big stars in a film which keeps its charm throughout and a great one to watch when you’re planning on heading to the races to see if you could win big.

Racing Stripes

Another Disney, family friendly, feel-good comedy which goes a little bit further away from reality. Racing Stripes is a movie revolving around a zebra who is abandoned, then raised on a farm in Kentucky, believing it is a racehorse.

This 2005 American comedy film sees ‘Stripes’ goes on to race in the Kentucky Open and, being a Disney movie, you may be able to guess the outcome, it’s still very much worth a watch for a little bit of light fun.


An incredible performance from Clifton Collins Jr. tales the story of a jockey who is desperately trying to win one last race, while also teaching a younger jockey, who claims to be his son, the world of horse racing.

It shows the story of the race from the riders’ perspective well and is a film that can really help you see a race from the jockeys’ eyes.

All the films on this list provide you with something to get you excited about attending an exciting event like the Kentucky Derby from the comfort of your own home.


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