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The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper
The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper

The Wau Wau Sister’s Last Supper @ The Brisbane Festival.

Hailed as irreverent, sacrilegious and foul-mouthed by the New York Times, The Wau Wau Sisters (pronounced “vow vow”) are heading for Brisbane after a sell-out Australian Tour earlier this year. The Sisters will appear at the Judith Wright Centre from September 25 to 29 as part of the Brisbane Festival for a night of sin, chaos, burlesque, circus and twelve disciples.

Tanya Gagne (one half of the half-sister duo) warns, “The show may challenge some social ethos, but it is really about bringing people together…” while Australian Producer, Daniel Clarke reflects “While the act is funny and bawdy, raucous and sexy, and very rock ‘n’ roll, they are doing something much deeper here”.

The Sisters’ mothers are accepting, if a little prudish about their daughters’ shows but their common father is proud of his ‘bad-ass’ girls who debuted at the Edinburgh Festival back in 2004.

Join New York’s bawdiest duo as they serve up a profane reinvention of the Last Supper at The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. Tickets can be purchased online at www.judithwrightcentre.com and it is recommended for an adult (18+) audience (it is burlesque after all) so leave the kids at home! There is also a warning that language and religious concepts may offend so leave the easily offended at home to watch the kids. This show runs for approximately one hour with no interval; Theatre seating and Cabaret seating available.

Show Name: The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper
Presented by: 
Judith Wright Centre and Brisbane Festival
25 Sept – 29 Sept 2012
Booking Website:
Judith Wright Centre
Booking Phone Number:
07 3872 9000

2 thoughts on “Take a Walk on the Wau side

  • “Hailed as irreverent, sacrilegious and foul-mouthed by the New York Times…”

    It seems the Arts Community has lost it’s ability to produce beauty. Now it just specialises in ugly and dumb.

    • There is still immense beauty being created. Sometimes you just need to look 🙂 In the words of Adam Gwon – “For beautiful to happen, the beautiful has got to be seen”


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