Sydney Philharmonia Choirs Voices of the Italian Baroque

Join Sydney Philharmonia Choirs for a celebration of the Baroque era, revelling in the glorious choral music that once resounded under the gilded domes and painted ceilings of Rome’s great chapels, and echoed between the lavish balconies overlooking Venice’s Piazza San Marco, St Mark’s Square.

Renowned as a time of new thinking and unprecedented cultural advancement, the 17th and early 18th Centuries heralded the creation of some of the western world’s most magnificent art and architecture, and equally its most visionary and powerfully evocative music.

At the heart of the Baroque movement, Italy, and its Roman Catholic church, championed this new direction, with influential composers such as Giovanni Gabrieli, whose reputation attracted students from across the continent, leading the charge.

Brett Weymark OAM:

Explore some of the greatest architectural music of all time, from Monteverdi to Scarlatti in this sublime concert of works that highlight the intricacies and flexibility of the human voice in its purest form.

In Voices of the Italian Baroque, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs Artistic Director Brett Weymark OAM has curated a selection of works by such Italian masters, such as Gabrieli, Antonio Caldara, Domenico Scarlatti and Claudio Monteverdi, whose legacy of elaborate and highly detailed music, alive with drama and passion, changed the
course of music history.

From works in four parts to sixteen or more, this uplifting program will be performed by the 40 virtuosic singers of the Choir’s acclaimed Chamber Singers and an intimate ensemble of leading Australian Baroque musicians.

Where better to experience their intricate textures and expressive power than under the golden dome and in the resonant acoustics of Sydney’s oldest church, St James Church in the heart of the city on King Street.

Voices of the Italian Baroque will also tour to Canberra for a performance in the Snow Concert Hall within Canberra Grammar School on Saturday August 24 at 2.30pm.

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