Sustainability meets sleight-of-hand as TRICKY NICK GETS CRAFTY hits Melbourne

Magician and author Nicholas J. Johnson is combining sustainability with sleight-of-hand in a new magic show made entirely out of reclaimed and recycled materials. Tricky Nick Gets Crafty runs from 6-10 July at Melbourne Magic Festival at Arrow on Swanston.

The inspiration for the show came from watching my daughters turning empty cardboard boxes into creative toys, said Johnson. It hit me that, as a magician, there was no reason why I couldn’t do the same thing!

The result is a sixty-minute magic show crafted entirely from reclaimed materials. “We’ve turned shoeboxes into vanishing boxes, junk mail into play cards, and plastic bags into silk handkerchiefs.”

The show also inspires its young audience to create their own magic props at home with step-by-step instructions for transforming household waste into illusions. “The show has a great message about sustainability,” said Nicholas. “But, to be honest, I’m more interested in showing audiences how fun it is to make your own magic!”

Tricky Nick Gets Crafty runs from 6-10 July at Arrow on Swanston as a part of the Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tickets are on sale at

Peter J Snee

Peter is a British born creative, working in the live entertainment industry. He holds an honours degree in Performing Arts and has over 12 years combined work experience in producing, directing and managing artistic programs & events. Peter has traversed the UK, Europe and Australia pursuing his interest in theatre. He is inspired by great stories and passionately driven by pursuing opportunities to tell them.

Peter J Snee

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