Selina Jenkins presents a tale of mammary proportions

Award-winning comedian Selina Jenkins has created a tale of mammary proportions in the performance of Boobs which will feature in Arts Centre Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival series at the Fairfax Studio from January 29 to February 1, 2020.

The story follows one woman and her two boobs through a literal hurricane of life-changing events, detailing her decision to undergo a voluntary double breast mastectomy and how that relates to body perception, body autonomy and boobs in general.

“I have been holding on to this life-changing secret for such a long time, too scared to share it. That fear has not been unfounded, but I think people are ready to hear this story and I’m equal parts terrified and excited to tell it,” says Jenkins.

Jenkins is a multi-award winning cabaret artist and returns to the stage with this work after its highly successful debut in 2019. The performance hailed glowing reviews on its opening run, with sold out shows at Melbourne Fringe Festival in November at the Common Rooms.

Selina’s previous work Thy Neighbour debuted in 2018 and was also met with acclaim, a nomination for Melbourne Fringe ‘Best Cabaret’ Award as well as two Green Room Award nominations, Cabaret ‘Best Artiste’ and ‘Best Production’. She is also known for her gender challenging comedy routine performing as Beau Heartbreaker.

“You can’t help but laugh and cheer at the freedom to be found in Jenkins’ strength of character, emotional intelligence, her likeable sense of humour and astonishing talent.” – The Age

“Stunning” – The Age

The acclaimed musician and celebrated musical comedian has been hailed as a performer with a true gift for storytelling. Jenkins combines her incredible musical abilities with an honest ability to address questions that linger in front of the collective consciousness of society.

The addition of BOOBS to the Midsumma Festival line-up provides a rich perspective and adds a wonderful balance to the festival’s programming, which includes a host of eclectic works exploring gender and sexual identity.

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