Polyglot Creates a Musical Wonderland

The Great Australian Dream
The Great Australian Dream – Music Play Children’s Festival

Looking for some free musical entertainment for your children during the holidays? What better than a visit to the Melbourne Recital Centre where the Music Play Children’s Festival is in full swing from 17 January.

The Great Australian Dream, created with the collaboration of Melbourne’s Polyglot Theatre will offer four interactive spaces, each designed to encourage young children and families to engage in musical activities.

“This is a great opportunity to respond to the foyer of the Melbourne Recital Centre with sound based interactive play” said Polyglot Theatre Artistic Director, Sue Giles.

“It’s a glorious space to re-discover and we’re excited about bringing the natural enthusiasm and curiosity of kids to the materials and hearing the result. With this site-specific installation we’re offering an interpretation of the Australian Dream that flips from the literal to the abstract to the downright ridiculous.”

The Great Australian Dream
The Great Australian Dream

In the lower foyer, The Great Australian Dream has a spattering of miniature houses. Children can lift off the roofs to investigate what’s inside and create their own soundscape by pressing the various doorbells.

The Bubble Path will allow the youngsters to pop and jump their way upstairs to the The Sound Drawing. Here, with the help of artists from Polyglot theatre, the children will be able to draw with the colours of the Australian landscape. A soundscape fills the space.

Sticks and Bells is hidden away in a corner of the upper foyer. The room is divided into two halves with bells and other materials suspended from the ceiling. Here the children are free to feel the sensory experience of the space and explore the different sound environments and the feelings they create.

Date: 17 – 19 January 2013

Venue: Melbourne Recital Centre, 31 Sturt St Southbank VIC

Time: 10am – 4pm daily

Bookings: FREE, no booking required

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