Playing the game: the best films about cards, roulette and casinos

The allure of gambling has always captivated the human imagination, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of cinema. Films about cards, roulette, and casinos bring to life the thrill and high stakes of gambling, often portraying characters who are willing to risk everything, sometimes even their lives. This selection of films offers a deep dive into the adventurous, risky, and dangerous world of gambling, delivering as much dopamine as a real-life trip to the casino.

From Guy Ritchie’s intricately plotted “Snatch” to the gripping drama of “Money for Two” starring Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino, these films capture the essence of high-stakes gambling and the intense emotions that come with it. Whether it’s the cunning strategies at the poker table or the suspense of a life-and-death gamble, these movies provide a cinematic experience that’s as exhilarating as the games themselves.

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‘Snatch’ (16+)

Guy Ritchie’s cult film with a convoluted plot that revolves around a group of shady individuals hunting for a diamond that eludes them. Starring Brad Pitt and Jason Statham.

‘The Nine’ (16+)

Cal is an adventurer and professional pool player who makes his money by beating newcomers to the local bars who have come there looking for easy money. But one day he suddenly disappears in an unknown direction. His son, a young boy named Dallas, sets out to find him. On his way he meets a strange loner, Joe, hiding from his dark past, which may have something to do with his father.

‘Trump Aces’ (18+)

A former protégé of a gangster boss, a successful stage magician and hustler, decides to testify in court against his former friends. The gangsters have a $1 million bounty on his head. The FBI tries its best to hide him until the trial.

‘The Affair’ (16+)

Seven Oscar awards, including for best film. In the 1930s, two scumbag crooks (Paul Newman and Robert Redford) try to avenge the death of their mutual friend on a mob boss with one of the most unexpected scams in cinema history, which also ends in a surprising and amusing way.

‘Money for Two’ (16+)

A true story drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino. Brandon was once a successful football player, but got injured and now has to find other ways to earn money. He recalls the bookie Walter, who once offered Brandon scams promising a big payday. It’s time to say goodbye to his pride and enter a dangerous game where winning will bring riches and losing will bring death.

‘The Adventuresses’ (16+)

Girlfriends prepare for a card championship and love battles. ‘Sex and the City’ in the Italian manner. Eugenia is a housewife, obedient to her husband in everything. Rina is a kleptomaniac and a pathological liar. Miranda is a widow who is forced to live with her toxic mother-in-law. Irma endures years of cheating on her partner. Four such different women are united by their passion for poker. When the friends are invited to take part in a card tournament, they will have to play the main game: not only at the green table, but also in their personal lives.

‘Bad Lieutenant’ (18+)

Terrence McDonagh is a hereditary policeman living in New Orleans. He is respected by his superiors and colleagues. But Terrence has an ‘other face’. He is involved in theft and drug trafficking, and he is a drug addict. Addictions of this ‘bad cop’ – gambling and sex. The bosses assign McDonagh a new complex case – to investigate the brutal murder of Senegalese immigrants. Will the lieutenant be able to overcome his ‘dark, vicious’ side and fulfil the task?


The world of gambling, with its inherent risks and rewards, has always made for compelling cinema. The films highlighted in this selection bring to life the high-stakes drama, the thrill of the game, and the complex characters drawn to this lifestyle. From Guy Ritchie’s intricately plotted “Snatch” to the true story drama “Money for Two” starring Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino, each movie offers a unique perspective on the allure and dangers of gambling.

These films not only entertain but also delve into the psychological and emotional aspects of the gambling world. They explore themes of obsession, risk-taking, and the thin line between success and downfall. Whether it’s the suspense of a heist, the tension of a poker game, or the personal battles faced by the characters, these movies provide a cinematic experience that mirrors the unpredictability and excitement of real-life gambling.

In summary, these films capture the essence of gambling, portraying it as both a thrilling adventure and a potentially destructive force. They remind us of the high stakes involved, where the ultimate gamble may be not just money, but life itself. Through their engaging narratives and complex characters, these films offer a fascinating glimpse into the seductive yet perilous world of gambling.

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