Perth Arena – The countdown begins!

It’s taken five years to complete and cost the Western Australian Government a reported $550 million dollars, but at last the countdown to the official opening of the new Perth Arena has begun.

Perth Arena
Perth Arena – Artist impression

Plagued with budget over runs, delays, mould and  building redesigns, the 15,500 seat Arena will officially open its doors on November 10.  George Michael will christen the new venue as he kicks off his Symphonic Australian tour.

It seems everyone has an opinion on the design, from ugly to an example of modern architecture.  Standing across the road from the construction site one morning, I overheard two women commenting on the vast amount of money being spent, when one said “And look, we can’t even afford to put the plumbing on the inside.  I looked across to see one face of the building had the artistic white pipes similar to the Melbourne Theatre Company’s facade. Not plumbing but art!

 Perth Arena has been designed to be a landmark and iconic entertainment venue to benefit out community

Boasted as one of the most complex steel constructions in the southern hemisphere, the Perth Arena’s features include:

  •     Retractable Roof
  •     Permanent tennis court surface
  •     Five functions rooms with city views
  •     Corporate VIP suites
  •     Large impressive entry foyer
  •     Underground parking

The venue, operated by Venues West, is to be managed AEG Odgen who also manages His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth Concert Hall, State Theatre Centre, Subiaco Arts Centre and Albany Entertainment Centre, for the Perth Theatre Trust. Ticketek has been confirmed as ticketing agent for the venue.

 The 15,500 arena is a premium destination that will attract world class acts and performers, elite sporting teams and fantastic entertainment productions.

Let’s hope we see the return of the great Theatrical events of the seventies. The Arena Spectaculars, Disney on Ice and international bands and acts. (My fingers are crossed for Madonna!)

As they put the finishing touches on the Arena it appears (from the outside at least) that the end result will be all that is promised. After such a long wait, negative public opinion and all the controversy, let’s hope so.

Visit Perth Arena website for more information, including current career opportunities.

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  • “Boasted as one of the most complex steel constructions in the northern hemisphere”

    Is that something to do with the realignment of magnetic north?


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