No Wicked this weekend

Producers have confirmed that weekend performances of Wicked will not go ahead.

Producers have confirmed that weekend performances of Wicked will not go ahead.

Shows scheduled for tonight, tomorrow and Sunday are off, but it is hoped the show may return to the stage next week.

And for the first time, details are emerging about exactly what is wrong at QPAC in the wake of the floods.

While the foyers, theatres and public areas were untouched by the flood, the basements and underground services areas were awash with river water and mud. Thankfully the Wicked set, props and costumes were unaffected. 

Producer John Frost said it was an emotional time in Queensland.

“It is heartening to see Brisbane literally lifting itself out of the mud with strength and compassion and getting back on its feet,” Frost said. 

“It’s an extraordinary city. Wicked is working with QPAC to ensure that we rise as well. We are still working to determine a date that performances can recommence, and we will keep providing updates as further information comes to hand. The cast and company are on standby and once we have access to the building we are ready to perform.”

Frost has confirmed that strategies are being put in place to try to put additional shows into the season.

Meanwhile, QPAC boss John Kotzas said everything is being done to restore usual performance schedules.

“Last week as the flood waters rose we were able to move critical equipment to safety. QPAC sustained damage to our low-lying facilities – including our basement storerooms and critically, the power supply. The water did not reach our ground floor and none of the auditoria have been damaged.  Our public spaces are unaffected and the building is structurally sound,” he said.

“Before we are able to invite our staff and members of the public back into QPAC, we need to ensure it is safe and that our basic services are operational, including our fire safety and air conditioning. We are doing everything we can to make sure this happens as soon as possible.”

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