No Arts Minister – Australia’s top new drama

This week in Australia’s top rating (whether you like it or not) reality drama ‘No Arts Minister‘ Simon Crean spectacularly commits political suicide by attempting to force a coup with unreliable coup-laborator, ex-prime minister Kevin Rudd.

Simon Crean
Simon Crean

In a West Side Story-like show-down, Team Gilliard confronted Team Rudd, knuckle dusters blazing.

Unfortunately for Crean, when he looked over his shoulder, all his saw were lonely winds on the empty plains of war. Team Rudd had cut and run and Simon was Creaned.

While Julia and what’s left of the ALP are winding up the extermination of the remaining Rudd bugs in the house one has to wonder what will become of Crean’s Creative Australiaa new-born, left all on it’s own in a careless world.

Some pundits have explained Crean’s behaviour saying that he was the only remaining ALP member who could remember the days of the grown-up ALP (the days of Hawke and Keating, the days of glory) but regardless of his party crisis we, the creative community, are left high and dry with a brand new shiny policy and no-one holding the keys.

One thing is certain, the likelihood that we get a new Arts Minister as passionate as Mr Crean is very slim.

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