New Theatre Company Milliom Productions Brings THE HUNT Play to The Brisbane Powerhouse

New Theatre Company Milliom Productions Brings “The Hunt” Play to The Brisbane Powerhouse After a Sell-Out Premiere in London’s West End.

Milliom Productions, a promising new theatre company co-founded by Mark Foy and William Pyke, is set to captivate Brisbane audiences with the Australian premiere of “The Hunt” at The Brisbane Powerhouse. This thrilling production comes hot on the heels of its sell-out West End premiere and promises to be an exhilarating theatrical experience.

Mark Foy, Producer and cast member:

This play is testing the fragility of seemingly ingrained morals. It asks: who is alien? Who is alienated? And who is complicit in alienation?.

Director, Writer, and Cast Member William Pyke Leads the Charge.

The Hunt” unravels a gripping narrative that follows a group of friends as they convene in a mysterious forest for a hunt. What they encounter both excites and terrifies them, leading to the unveiling of long-buried secrets, existential questioning, and a nightmarish twist on a seemingly innocent pastime.

Reality warps and contorts, exposing the unspeakable horrors lurking in the shadows. As the pursuit becomes relentless, the line between reality and nightmare blurs, and the concealed truths claw their way to the surface.

William Pyke, who not only directs this captivating production but also contributes as a cast member and writer, brings his creative vision to life, promising an unforgettable theatrical experience.

The Australian Premiere of “The Hunt”:

We want to give Brisbane audiences a theatrical experience they have not previously encountered. The Hunt will do this. The story hurtles from out of the blue and into the black as vivid characters are thrust into something they don’t understand. The cast and crew are bringing this story to life with such skill and imagination, the rehearsal room is charged and full. Chances are you’ll never, ever see anything like The Hunt again.

Fresh from its successful West End debut, “The Hunt” is poised for its Australian premiere in Brisbane. Don’t miss this thought-provoking, primal tale that promises to leave audiences exhilarated and questioning the boundaries of reality.

Milliom Productions aims to push the boundaries of theatre, drawing inspiration from acclaimed theatre companies like Complicite, Jacques Lecoq, and Kidd Pivot. Their mission is to explore universal themes in innovative ways, promising audiences an exciting and thought-provoking journey.

Season Details

Venue: Underground Theatre| Brisbane Powerhouse
Date: 20- 21 Oct 2023

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