New Intimate Theatre ‘Foundry Theatre’ Set to Open at Sydney Lyric

Sydney, Australia – A new chapter in Sydney’s vibrant theatre scene is unfolding as the transformation of the underutilised rear stage of the Sydney Lyric into an intimate performance space, the Foundry Theatre, is well underway. This long-anticipated project is progressing smoothly and is on track for a grand opening by the end of 2024.

The Foundry Theatre, named to reflect the concept of transformation and creativity akin to a traditional foundry, promises to be a dynamic and flexible venue. The space is designed to accommodate up to 360 seated or 630 standing patrons, offering a variety of seating configurations to suit different types of performances. From traditional end-on theatre to club-style table settings and thrust configurations, the Foundry Theatre aims to be a versatile home for a wide range of creative works, including comedy, music, drama, and beyond.

Design and Features:

  • Capacity: 360 seated / 630 standing
  • Seating Configurations: Traditional end-on, club-style table settings, thrust
  • Types of Performances: Comedy, music, drama, and more

The Foundry Theatre draws its name from the concept of a traditional foundry – a place of transformation and creation. This name is a nod to the industrial heritage of the site, symbolizing a space that continually transforms and forges creativity, ready to welcome each new show with renewed vigor. The theatre’s design and branding encapsulate both its functional and emotive qualities, aiming to offer a unique, intimate theatrical experience where performers and audiences can closely interact, making each visit distinctive.

As construction continues, the Foundry Theatre’s opening program will be announced in the coming months, with Ticketmaster as the official ticketing partner. Patrons can look forward to an array of premium entertainment in a venue where the magic of theatre is brought close enough to touch.

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