New cast line-up, new dates announced for Aussie-made Vegas show

Having mesmerised audiences in Queensland and New South Wales for the past two months, The World’s Greatest Freakshow is excited to announce a new rotating line-up for its remaining leg of the tour, including internationally renowned illusionist, the spectacular Sam Powers, who has joined the cast for select NSW shows.

A uniquely freaky production inspired by Hollywood blockbuster, The Greatest Showman, The World’s Greatest Freakshow showcases the peerless talents of some of the most powerful, enchanting and miraculous freaks.

Having recently completed a successful Las Vegas success residency at a popular downtown theatre, The World’s Greatest Freakshow is now slaying Australian audiences in regional and metropolitan venues. In this exciting Aussie-made production, The World’s Greatest Freakshow brings together.

some of our own epic showmen and show-women, who perform stunts that defy the imagination, taking the human body to the absolute limits. Audiences are treated too a rolling roster of one-of-a-kind acts in a unique showcase of exquisite mastery.

Throughout October, November and into December, audiences can expect to be bedazzled by exceptional artists such as:

  • Master illusionist Sam Powers (select NSW dates only)
  • Direct from Las Vegas, acclaimed magician Erica Vanlee
  • Award-winning illusionist Jack Daniels
  • Extreme hula hoop ninja Mel Wheeler
  • One-of-a-kind stunt performer Captain Finhead
  • The chaotic clown who ran away from the circus, Choking Hazard (aka Rachael Kelly)

And from the original Freakshow line-up:

Internationally renowned contortionist, Samora Squid

Holder of the title Burlesque Muse Canberra, Sian Brigid , who also happens to like dancing on glass and laying on nails, amongst other hair-raising tricks

In these final Freakshows, the supremely freaky talents of young singer-songwriter and pianist, Eros will inject his mesmerising pop sensibilities into each night.

Prepare to have your mind blown and your jaw on the floor in awe when you experience this immersive theatrical masterpiece. These freaky talents are armed with lethal amounts of razzle-dazzle. You won’t want to look, but you can’t look away.

Season Details

Show Name: Freakshows
Date: 08 Oct – 15 Dec 2022

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