Midnight Visit’s Brisbane Haunting Comes To An End

The underground smash-hit, choose-your-own-adventure, theatre experience, A Midnight Visit is entering its final weeks and producers have declared it must close Sunday 21 November!

Since opening over 12,000 people have been seduced by their imagination in the award-winning experience that must be seen to be believed.

The multi-sensory marvel which went from deserted warehouse to over 30 magnificently macabre and marvelously spooky rooms reminiscent of a movie set, each holding their own story, will soon be demolished and become a hauntingly surreal memory.

So, while you still can, A Midnight Visit invites you to explore a dark dream world of thrills, obsession, decadence and awe. Encounter strange characters, dance, circus, song, music and more in this adult playground as you journey deeper and deeper into mystery and madness.

So captivated have audiences been that many have booked to see the show twice, thrice and even eight times. ‘The experience was mind blowing, it tantalized the senses and reawakened my imagination’ writes Phoenix Nicci in a Facebook review ‘100% recommended for a sensational night’s entertainment’.

Courtney Nicholas Adds:

Each time is completely different, and you are sure to find new things, rooms and experiences each time.

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