Melbourne to get new multidisciplinary arts venue

On January 20, The Motley Bauhaus (Melbourne’s premier independent art space dedicated to promoting skills based art practices) is launching a brand new 350 person capacity and uniquely independent arts venue right on the edge of the city. The new venue includes a 75 seat black box theatre, big, beautiful gallery, separate cabaret stage, full sized recording studio, working artists’ studios, dark room and two separate bar areas.

The Motley Bauhaus first launched in 2018 on Scotchmer Street in Fitzroy North. Creating a unique but small multidisciplinary home for arts practices proved popular and as such we are upgrading into this new location, more able to house our expanded practice.

The Motley Bauhaus will be launching this brand new space on January 20 with a series of live performances, exhibitions and general fun times and merriment. For a more detailed look at our opening line-up please head to our website

Motley Bauhaus founder Jason Cavanagh:

I am so excited and scared but also thrilled to be opening this new space. It feels really wild to be doing this right now, with everything that’s going on. It’s been a tough, tough time for artists, for the industry as a whole.  This is a massive investment in our arts community at a time when it is desperately needed. I think art thrives in adversity and I’m really keen to explore and support that.

This brand new, completely independent multidisciplinary arts venue will be launching after a long delay due to restrictions, and what better time to be bringing this completely unique vision into the heart of Melbourne to help revitalise our independent arts sector.

Season Details

Opening:   Date: 20 Jan 2022
Location: 118 Elgin Street, Carlton 3053

For more information click HERE

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