Life is impossible

It’s 1942. The world is at war and Elaine is in New York for the first time.

It’s 1942. The world is at war and Elaine is in New York for the first time.

In discovering this new world, Elaine (Heidi Lupprian) falls in love with the skyline, the dazzling lights, the musicals, and the men in uniform.

At first, New York seems so far away from the conflict of the war, this is until she meets flatmate, Simone (Jo Richards), a French Jewish refugee with a horrifying secret.

The latest work from critically acclaimed writer, Paul Gilchrist, and a return to the style of subtlenuance’s 2009 underground hit, Catherine at Avignon, Life is Impossible is a tale of passion, betrayal and intrigue.

Mr Gilchrist said Life is Impossible puts a new name to the musical genre in Australia.

“It is a bit left field. It really challenges the norms of the usual musical,” he said.

“There is song and dance, comedy and some really hard hitting themes.”

Trained in French theatre, Jo, who plays Simone, beautifully executes a French flared accent, complementing Heidi’s (Elaine) stellar voice, not to mention, all up performance.

Mr Gilchrist said the cast really do make the play, and said actors aren’t fostered enough.

Life is Impossible is showing now at Newtown Theatre, Corner of King and Bray Street, Newtown, until October 16. The play will be showing from Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm.

Tickets cost between $22 and $28 and are $15 on Tuesdays. Bookings can be made by calling 8507 3034 or visiting

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