LANO & WOODLEY – MOBY DICK – 2023 tour dates announced

After a triumphant year with the success of their highly anticipated show Moby Dick, Lano & Woodley are on the road again in 2023 with one of the great stories ever told.

When is an iconic story about a whale, not a story about a whale? When it’s a brilliantly funny Lano and Woodley show of course. There is no open water required for this live stage show, where Lano attempts a dramatic performance of the epic Moby Dick only for Woodley branded mayhem to ensue.

One thing is for sure, as Frank and Colin set sail with their new show, they will fill the stage with an hour of sublime, inventive and ridiculous comedy.

No Australian double act flirts in such a doggedly brilliant way with comedic failure.” The Age

Together Lano & Woodley have created some of Australia’s most loved comedy shows. Their love/hate
relationship has fuelled countless ovations and slews of awards, finding new fans and devoted followers
everywhere they go.

Frank Woodley:

Col and I love creating theatrically ambitious Lano & Woodley shows. We’re using the classic tale of the demented Captain Ahab and his obsession with taking revenge on the whale that bit off his leg, as a springboard for Lano & Woodley to become entangled in their own crazy and hilarious conflict with each other.

Colin Lane:

We will convince you the show should be called Moby dick – by the end, you may think it’s more like Moby dickheads. In the new show, an obsessed and maniacal captain tries desperately to maintain his dignity and achieve the ultimate revenge. It’s also a story about Moby Dick.

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  • Could you please send me
    Lano and Woodley tour dates. I live in Brisbane so I hope they’re coming here..


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