KILLING KATIE opens at the Ensemble Theatre in January

Ensemble Theatre’s best-selling play, KILLING KATIE: CONFESSIONS OF A BOOK CLUB will open 9 January, 2022 after having to be rescheduled due to Covid.

Mark Kilmurry, Artistic Director, Ensemble Theatre:

Tracey Trinder’s new comedy about what really happens in a book club will have the World Premiere it absolutely deserves.

When former Queen Bee of the book club Robyn (Kate Raison) publishes her first novel, the truth about the death of her nemesis, the free-spirited Katie (Chantelle Jamieson), begins to unravel. Female  friendships are tested in this laugh-out-loud, brutally honest, new comedy.

When Katie is invited to join the group, Robyn’s once steady kingdom is rocked by her exuberance and carefree honesty. Katie is next-level annoying, and Robyn swiftly sets about enacting a plan to eject her from her precious book club, with shocking and unexpected consequences.

KILLING KATIE re-opens the book on female alliances, guilt and the mysterious forces that can either make or break a friendship group.

Writer: Tracey Trinder
Director: Francesca Savige
Cast: Valerie Bader
Chantelle Jamieson: Bron Lim
Kate Raison: Georgina Symes

Season Details

Venue: Ensemble Theatre
Date:  9 Jan- 26 Feb 2022

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