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AussieTheatre.com sat down to chat with Australian musical theatre star Kate Maree Hoolihan about life, her career and her current production: Sing On Through Tomorrow, playing at Sydney’s Sidetrack Theatre.

Kate MareeAussieTheatre.com sat down to chat with Australian musical theatre star
Kate Maree Hoolihan about life, her career and her current production: Sing On Through Tomorrow, playing at Sydney’s Sidetrack Theatre.

You are now doing Sing on Through Tomorrow, can you tell us a little about the show and your role in it?

It’s a collection of Matthew Robinson’s original songs (not unlike Songs for a New World), which has a loose through-line about four people who travel back to the poignant moments in their lives to find a reason to move forward. I’m Woman 1, and all I can say is, you really need to see it. Ha ha! 

You went through WAAPA with Matt Robinson, was he writing much then and have you had a chance to perform much of his work before? 

Matty was ALWAYS pulling me into practice rooms at uni to show me his latest musical masterpiece, and even back then I knew he was destined for great things. There’s no such thing as an overnight hit machine in writing, and he’s written countless songs, many that never made it past that practice room door. But I have to admit, Matty has an unusually high hit rate for quality. I’ve sung many of his songs before, and I’m so excited to be a part of this because i feel like in some way I always have been. 

You have had the chance to work in some wonderful shows with some amazing people, what would you say is your favourite show?

Surprisingly I actually think Little Women was my favourite show. It was such a beautiful show, I had a challenging role as “Jo” and the cast I got to work with was incredibly well cast, really commited to the process, talented and perfect. 

Favourite role?

I’d have to say Scaramouche from We Will Rock You as it was my first lead. Every role is exciting, but you never really get that same feeling again. It was a pretty surreal experience for the first few months.  

Most inspiring person to work opposite:

There’s too many, but if i have to pick just one, I’d have to say Judi Connelli actually. She is a legend in our industry, and is not only incredibly talented, but also the most gracious, giving, kind, warm human being. If I could be half the woman she is I’d be very happy indeed.

What’s next after Sing on Through Tomorrow?

I’m actually pretty busy with the new house my hubby and i just bought, so I’m still trying to settle back in to Australian life. So no job plans at the moment.  Things always seem to just pop up out of nowhere.  It’s the nature of the industry I guess. 

You have just arrived back from London, how was your time over there?

A lot of ups and downs. So many good things, but it was a bit stop-start. I never really got going, because I came home for a couple of months in the middle of my time, to do A Little Night Music, for Opera Australia, which cut me out of a few ‘maybes’ for over there…  But, that was a decision I made, and to me, a job is a job and you have to go where the work is. It’s also definitely true what they say “as soon as you leave, everybody wants you for something!”. But in the end I loved it because we did a heap of travelling and that was brilliant, and really eye opening. 

Is there any way you feel that the industry in London differs from Australia?

It’s definitely bigger over there, and the pay isn’t as good, and the conditions for touring aren’t as good, but on the plus side there’s more of a culture of going to the theatre, so they tend to get regular audiences for most shows. Something we could try to encourage more in Australia.  

How does it feel to be back?

Well I’m loving the sunshine! It’s depressingly grey over there. The one thing it made me realise is how much I love where I come from and I intend to live here for the majority of my life. I also missed the industry and the people here in Australia. You don’t realise how many friends you’ve made until you leave them. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I’ve just finished my new website, and it’s really pretty, so if you’re bored with a couple of minutes to spare (and Internet access) you should have a sticky beak!  


Last question (we ask everyone!) Who is your show-crush?

Ooh… To be honest… I’d have to say… Mitchell Butel. What can I say? Pure, Unbridled talent is very attractive.  

Sing on Through Tomorrow is playing at Sidetrack Theatre, Marickville until 14 August. 

visit: www.singonthroughtomorrow.com.au

Bookings: www.singonthroughtomorrow.com.au/book-tickets or call (02) 9550 3666


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