Indigenous tourism reaching new heights in Brisbane

A first-of-its-kind Indigenous climb of the Story Bridge will provide a First Nations perspective on the history, art, Culture and future of Meanjin (Brisbane) in a partnership between the Story Bridge  Adventure Climb and local Indigenous artists and tourism operators.

The Story Bridge Indigenous Climb is a collaboration between Birrunga Gallery and Howard Smith Wharves, the result of a strong partnership and a shared vision to elevate Queensland’s Indigenous tourism and hospitality experiences.

Mr Wiradyuri:

Storytelling is an important part of Indigenous Culture across Australia. Creating this experience with my friends and colleagues has been an incredibly rewarding and exciting process.

The Indigenous Bridge Climb provides an immersive experience for climbers who will be guided by First
Nations Storytellers, sharing stories that span thousands of years, intertwining history, Country and

In addition to the climb, the team have also curated several experiences that provide an opportunity for tourists and visitors to learn more about Indigenous Culture, including an Indigenous food platter featuring crocodile and kangaroo with native herbs and spices.

Additionally, the Birrunga Gallery Cultural Creative Development Program will deliver a variety of Culturally Immersive experiences including artist boomerang painting workshops, artist talks or Importance of Place workshops.

Mr Wiradyuri:

Painting is my medium of choice to capture my history, my story and my thoughts. Importantly, it also provides an informal educational opportunity for our guests to explore traditional painting techniques and explore challenges in the industry like the fake art trade.

Our goal is simple: it’s to provide a safe, inclusive and creative space to immerse yourself in the history, tradition and practices of First Nations Australians. The bridge climb represents the upward journey we are on together and like all journeys, it starts with one foot in front of the other. We hope that visitors take away a fresh perspective on Brisbane, art and their life. It’s more than just a bucket-list experience, it’s an opportunity to see life from another point of view.

CEO of Howard Smith Wharves Luke Fraser is proud to partner with local Indigenous tourism operators to deliver an innovative, inclusive and impactful experience.

Mr Fraser:

I’m incredibly passionate about championing Indigenous-owned businesses and leaders in our community. It’s a privilege to partner with talented leaders who are excited by the opportunity to showcase First Nations Culture, stories and connections across our tourism and hospitality offerings in Queensland.

This is such a positive step forward for our city and for arts and tourism in Australia, one that amplifies and centres First Nations Culture, knowledge and custodianship.

The Indigenous Story Bridge Adventure Climb experience is expected to open to the public in August.

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