Written in the Broadway Stars: Hayden Tee ascends to the World Stage

Hayden Tee is starring on Broadway!

Hayden Tee, currently starring as Javert in Les Miserables, is heading to Broadway. Photo by Matt Murphy.
Hayden Tee is now starring as Javert in Les Miserables on Broadway. Photo by Matt Murphy.
Fresh from his Green Room and Sydney Theatre Award winning run as the French Inspector (or Inspecteur, if you’d prefer) Javert in the Australian tour of Les Miserables, Hayden Tee – adopted Australian, show-stealing Musical Theatre Star – has been given the opportunity to perform the iconic role on Broadway.

And he finished his first performance just a few hours ago.

Playing to a large supporting Australian contingent, Tee’s Broadway debut highlights the growing renown that Australian Musical theatre performers are earning.

Fellow Australian, acclaimed composer and performer Matthew Lee Robinson posted this image on Instagram today:

Hayden Tee’s journey to success has been far from common. New Zealand born, Hayden’s biography reads like an international hit-list of the biggest, boldest and most dramatic musical scores written throughout history.

Marius in a 20th anniversary production of Les Miserables on the West End; roles in Titanic, Little Women, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, Jekyll and Hyde, Cats; stints in Opera; the shows go on!

Anecdotally, before the commencement of the Australian run of Les Miserables, Hayden relates that while watching Les Miserables on Broadway with fellow Aussie cast mate Trevor Ashley (who played Thernadier), that he hid a note to himself in a seat at the Imperial Theatre in New York.

The contents?

“Dear Hayden, Congratulations on your Broadway Debut as Javert, March 2016.”

His actual debut was a few months earlier than his prediction, but it certainly seems a Broadway run was written in his stars.

Hayden began his run as Javert in Les Miserables on 29 January 2016 at the Imperial Theatre, New York.


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