Girl From the North Country cast perform a pop up gig to celebrate Bob Dylan’s birthday

Cast and band members, including Helen Dallimore, Blake Erickson, Chemon Theys and Grant Piro acknowledged Bob Dylan’s 81st birthday this week with an impromptu gig at the Comedy Theatre after the show.

Terence Crawford, who plays Dr Walker in the critically acclaimed musical, said of Dylan:

Dylan’s music has travelled restlessly through folk, protest, blues, country, nonsense, gospel, rock ‘n’ roll. He has invented genres. But all Dylan songs tend to become a genre of their own inimitable, and with a dash or a massive dollop of mystery. They are ‘Dylan songs’.

Bob Dylan is the most significant artist of any medium (working in English) since Charles Dickens. For songwriters, sure, Dylan is like oxygen, essential even if un recognised. But the breadth of influence and infusion through film, television, fiction, history, journalism, is phenomenal.

John Lennon suggested once that Bob wouldn’t be around much beyond age 26 (sadly ironic, that!). Here we are at Dylan’s 81st birthday. Happy birthday to a great artist.

Helen Dallimore sang I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight, Grant Piro did his own take on Subterranean Homesick Blues, violinist Xani Kolac did Don’t Think Twice, with Blake Erickson performing I Shall Be Released, Terry Crawford Love Minus Zero, and Samantha Morley sang the title track Girl From the North Country.

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