Genie brings Whole New World West

Perth, your wish has been granted!

Front and centre in ‘Aladdin’s’ “Friend Like Me”

Following on from successful magical seasons in Sydney and Melbourne Disney’s Aladdin will extend the magic carpet ride West. The production will play at the Crown Theatre, Burswood from July 2018 and is sure to be as successful as Disney’s previous Perth productions, Mary Poppins and The Lion King.

Aladdin, adapted from the Disney film and centuries-old folktales including “One Thousand and One Nights,” is brought to fresh theatrical life in this bold new musical.

The current principal cast features original Broadway cast member Michael James Scott in the role of the Genie, Ainsley Melham as Aladdin, Hiba Elchikhe as Jasmine, Adam Murphy as Jafar, Aljin Abella as Iago, George Henare as the Sultan, Adam Jon Fiorentino as Kassim, Troy Sussman as Babkak and Robert Tripolino as Omar.

The Australian production boasts a cast of 34 and a staggering 337 glittering costumes, which feature 1,225 different fabrics, 712 different styles of beads and almost 500,000 Swarovski crystals used in the costumes alone.

Forty tonnes of exotic flying scenery and 60 tonnes of automation and staging will be transferred West in no fewer than twenty six 48 foot trucks to recreate the fantasy city of Agrabah including the colourful marketplace, the lush palace of the Sultan and his princess daughter Jasmine and the legendary Cave of Wonders.

A waitlist for tickets is now open and tickets will go on sale in November through Ticketmaster.

Let’s hope Aladdin is the start of a list of shows to head West and break the Perth musical drought of 2017.


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