Free Playwrighting Masterclass with Alex Broun

Alex Broun - 10 minute playwright masterclass
Alex Broun – 10 minute master playwright

One of the world’s leading experts in ten minute plays, Alex Broun, will run a free playwrighting masterclass in Sydney on the evening of Monday August 13th.

The Masterclass, being held as part of the Short+Sweet Masterclass series, will explore the craft of writing a ten minute play as well as some of the major pitfalls writers can fall into when tackling this format.

“Through my work with Short+Sweet and other play development programmes I’m lucky enough to read and see staged hundreds of ten minute plays every year”, explained Broun.

“And through this process I’ve been able to identify a number of common errors that writers can make, and also provide hints and shortcuts on how to avoid those traps.”

Some of the most regular problems with ten-minute scripts, explained Broun, was over exposition, clumsy dialogue and writers writing for film rather than theatre.

“Because we are bombarded on a daily basis by film, TV and video, when writers first begin to write they instinctively think in film rather than theatre. But writing for film and theatre are two very different crafts and writers need to be aware of those differences. It’s about changing your perspective on what you are writing and seeing how you can make it work on stage rather than film.”

The Masterclass will also explore the challenges of writing story rather than situation and how those challenges can be overcome.

The Masterclass is free but you must register to attend. To register, click here

To read plays by Alex Broun go to –

Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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