Evie May original cast recording to be released on iTunes

The original Australia musical Evie May by Hugo Chiarella and Naomi Livingston will be released on iTunes on the 2nd of April, 2019.

Evie May was developed by New Musicals Australia and presented by The Hayes Theatre Company in October of 2018, directed by Kate Champion, with orchestration, arrangements and musical direction by Steven Kreamer and featuring Amanda Harrison, Loren Hunter, Bishanyia Vincent, Tim Draxl, Keegan Joyce and Jo Turner. A live cast album featuring highlights from that production will now be available to pre-order on iTunes from the 24th of March ahead of its release on the 2nd of April.

“People kept asking us if there was going to be a cast recording.” says writer, Hugo Chiarella, “New musicals in Australia have a habit of disappearing. The only way I learned about shows growing up was from cast recordings. It’s an extremely important part of the legacy of a show, but financially, it’s tough to make them happen. We’re very fortunate to have had the support of The Russell Mills Foundation and The Ron and Margaret Dobell Foundation to make this recording possible.”

“The show is about a part of our cultural history that has been largely forgotten,” explains composer, Naomi Livingston, “it was really important to us that the show, and the work of this incredible cast, didn’t suffer the same fate.”

Evie May is set in 1966, on the evening of the last ever Tivoli performance in Sydney. Veteran variety star Evie May (Amanda Harrison), recalls the events that lead her from obscurity in regional Western Australia to the bright lights of the Australian variety circuit and the many sacrifices she made to get there. Forced to run away from home at an early age, Evie spent her whole life trying to escape the pain of her past. As the final curtain comes down on the Tivoli and everything that has come to define her, Evie struggles to find her place in a world that no longer values the very thing she has spent her life pursuing. Evie May offers a compelling take on memory, motherhood, and the fascinating characters populating Australia’s rich theatrical history.

Evie May (Live Australian Cast Recording Highlights) is available on iTunes from the 2nd of April, 2019. Preorder are now available here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/id1455860155?app=itunes

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