Deejay x Dancer: Inspired by the legendary block parties of New York

Inspired by the legendary block parties of 1970s New York, acclaimed Sydney-based choreographer Nick Power (Two Crews, Between Tiny Cities) will premiere Deejay x Dancer from 17 – 21 August in the Opera House’s Studio.

The playful, intimate dance work pays tribute to hip hop’s origins in a thrilling call-and-response showdown featuring the world champion turntablist DJ Total Eclipse – renowned in Australia as the touring DJ for hip-hop acts AB Original and Funkoars.

Deejay x Dancer pits the veteran New York DJ against three of Australia’s most respected Breakers:

  • Anastasios “Taz” Repousi, is a B*boy, dancer, teacher and choreographer from Bankstown, he’s a former member of the iconic Justice Crew who won Australia’s Got Talent in 2010 and is currently with Hybrid Formz Crew.
  • Jackson Garcia, is a B*boy and movement artist who specilises in street styles, competing and performing internationally as a battle hardened member of crews Skill at Will and Team Cream; and
  • Demi Sorono, achieving national fame as a crowd favourite on So You Think You Can Dance, and going on to create the acclaimed one woman show Shadow Warrior.

Commissioned by the Sydney Opera House as part of New Work Now, Deejay x Dancer is a rousing celebration of the intricate interplay between DJ and Dancer, and how they intuitively react and respond to each other in the heart-racing heat of the moment.

Nick Power Choreographer:

In celebrating hip hop’s past and future, this work hones in on the initial spark at the birth of the culture almost 50 years ago – the raw, irrepressible chemistry between DJ and Dancer. While honouring this history, Deejay x Dancer pushes forward, taking this connection into a contemporary realm, breaking new ground in the collaboration while staying true to the playfulness and community that a block party brings.

Sydney Opera House Head of Contemporary Performance, Ebony Bott:

Deejay x Dancer is a truly artistic endeavor that merges contemporary dance, hip hop and theatricality with honesty. It’s as much about the depth of skill found in hip hop culture, as it is about the diverse lived experiences that flow through the sound and movement on stage.

Nick Power is an Australian B*boy and choreographer whose work draws on the rituals and culture of hip hop to cross complex divides of place, culture, language and form. His practice spans remote Aboriginal communities to the stages of the most prestigious contemporary dance festivals in Europe.

The season also includes a matinee performance for schools on 18 August. Aspiring Breakers can explore the fundamentals at Move with Deejay x Dancer, led by B*Boy Taz in the Centre for Creativity on 2 June. From top rocks to footwork and freezes, this dance workshop is open to all skill levels.

Deejay x Dancer is commissioned by Sydney Opera House as part of New Work Now, enabled by Taylor Construction Group.

Season Details

Venue: Opera House’s Studio
Date: 17 – 21 Aug 2022

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