Deborah Frances-White – The Guilty Feminist – Live Podcast Tour

Less of a podcast and more of a global phenomenon, The Guilty Feminist, hosted by Deborah Frances-White and featuring world class guests, is part comedy, part deep dive discussion and part activism. Examining our noble goals as 21st century feminists and our hypocrisies and insecurities that undermine those goals, The Guilty Feminist has had a spectacular 90-million downloads in five years.  Deborah has brought the show to Australia and New Zealand on several successful tours and is bursting with near hysteria to come back and be with her Antipodean guilty feminist crew after a year and a half of London lockdown.

Emma Thompson:

The Guilty Feminist is essential for the planet

The Guardian:

Very funny pure, guilt-free pleasure

This is the show that proves you don’t have to be perfect to be a force for meaningful change.  Come join The Guilty Feminist live and be part of this joyful movement.

Channel 7 News Australia:

Hilariously relatable

Deborah Frances-White:

‘I’m a feminist but I’m planning my sequinned outfit for the opening night of my Australia/NZ tour before I’ve planned the content.  I can’t wait to be back down under where audiences know how to bring a rock concert to a feminist podcast recording.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge – The Guardian:

Hilarious, irreverent, eternally surprising, classy as hell genius.  They always have fascinating guests, don’t pull any punches and are screamingly funny.  It’s shows like this that breathe life into conversations about feminism… Everybody is talking about them talking

Tour Details

Venue: Sydney State Theatre
Date: 26-Oct-21

Venue: Perth Concert Hall
Date: 29-Oct-21

Venue: Playhouse Canberra
Date: 31-Oct-21

Venue: Norwood Concert Hall
Date: 3-Nov-21

Venue: Hamer Hall – Arts Centre
Date: 5-Nov-21

Venue: QPAC Concert Hall
Date: 8-Nov-21
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