Craig McLachlan out of Rocky Horror following indecent assault claims

Performer Craig McLachlan will no no longer headline the scheduled tour of The Rocky Horror Show after accusations of sexual misconduct were published against him today as part of a joint investigation between Fairfax and the ABC.

Rocky Horror Show, Melbourne. Image by Belinda Strodder
Craig McLachlan as Frank n Furter in Rocky Horror. Image by Belinda Strodder

Producers of the current tour of The Rocky Horror show – The Gordon Frost Organisation – have released a statement saying that they were “shocked” to hear of the allegations brought against him by three female performers from a previous tour of the same production.

“We have spoken to Craig and have mutually agreed it is not appropriate for him to continue in the current production of the show. We will be conducting a full internal investigation and will cooperate fully with authorities,” the statement read.


McLachlan denies all accusations, dismissing them this morning as “simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety”.

The three women who have come forward against McLachlan are actors Christie Whelen Browne (currently starring in Muriel’s Wedding), Erika Heynatz and Angela Scundi. It is understood that two of them have independently contacted the police about the matter.

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