Casting call for FRIENDS! THE MUSICAL PARODY 2020 Australia Tour

SK Entertainment is on the hunt for their Australian cast of this hilarious musical parody.


Producer – Sam Klingner
Associate Producer – Katherine Head
Director – Dash Kruck
Choreographer – Cameron Mitchell
Musical Director – Steven Kreamer


Rehearsals – 20th JULY – 1st August
Tivoli Theatre Brisbane – 3rd – 9th August
Comedy Theatre Melbourne – 24th – 31st August
Riverside Theatre, Paramatta – 7th – 14th September
Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide -21st – 28th September
Regal Theatre, Perth – 1st – 5th October



    • The first round of auditions will be via video submission. All submissions will be due by Sunday 15 March.
    • Please include in your audition video:
      – A short hello introducing yourself and the role you are auditioning for
      – A one minute comedy/character song showing vocal range. Please use an accompanist or backing track (no acapella)
      – One of the attached audition sides
    • The second round of auditions will be held on Monday 30 March in Brisbane and Tuesday 31 March in Sydney.
    • All performers will need to be Brisbane based (or willing to relocate) for the duration of the rehearsal and Brisbane season.
    • Actors will be paid wages in accordance with the LPA Award.
    • Auditionees must be 18 years and older.
    • We encourage all performers to apply. There is no need to be a direct lookalike of any original Friends cast member.



To submit your first round audition, please complete this form.
Please ensure your video link is YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox.



*All roles require some dance/movement skills

JOEY (Playing range 25-35) A hit with the ladies, but rarely the casting directors, Joey is an out of work actor who uses his natural charm, not his intelligence, to navigate his way through life. Often says things without consulting his brain first. Requires an actor who is naturally handsome, confident, and with a strong grasp of comic timing.

ROSS (Playing range 25-35) A neurotic palaeontologist who is notorious for overthinking things and yet often misses the crucial point. Charming in a stressed-out puppy dog kind of way. Has been in love with Rachel since high school. The actor must be able to walk the fine line of portraying Ross’ quirks without slipping into being annoying. Requires a character actor who has a strong grasp of empathy and comedy.

MONICA (Playing range 25-35) Almost as obsessive about finding the right partner as she is with maintaining the cleanliness and order of her home. Borderline OCD. Monica revels in having her friends around and telling them EVERYTHING. Good comic timing required.

RACHEL (Playing range 25-35) A good-hearted girl who has come from money but has made the decision to fend for herself for the first time in her life. A little clueless, but not unintelligent, she often approaches situations heart first before letting her head get involved, which usually complicates things. Funny, earnest, caring. This role requires an actor who is naturally pretty, empathetic and has a good grasp of comedy.

PHOEBE (Playing range 25-35) Good-hearted, caring and often oblivious to what is happening around or to her. Phoebe is usually the last one in the group to get the joke or to understand the weight of any situation. Phoebe, however, is not stupid and her empathetic nature means that she will happily drop everything to help her friends. Matter of fact and happy to give advice (whether it’s requested or not). Needs to be able to play rudimentary guitar.

CHANDLER / JANICE (Playing range 25-35)

CHANDLER Sarcastic, quick-witted, yet surprisingly endearing, Chandler is the class clown of the group. Always happy to have the last word. Finds joy in watching his friend’s lives play out around him and finding the perfect quip to sum them up. Is best friends with Joey and often asks him to cover up awkward situations for him; usually unsuccessfully. Requires an excellent comic actor. This actor also doubles JANICE.

JANICE Chandler’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. Infamous for her obnoxiously nasal voice, her catchphrase (Oh. My. God!) and for never feeling bad about telling people what she thinks they need to hear. Her confidence fosters a surprising optimism which usually allows her to turn any situation around to benefit herself.


Requires a strong physical actor with excellent comic timing. Plays multiple roles.

TOM SELLECK (Playing range 80-200) An extreme parody of the real-life actor, Tom Selleck. Proud of his Moustache, his television career and the fact that he’s dating Monica. Almost geriatric.

GUNTHER (Playing range 25-35) The long-suffering barista at the often visited ‘Central Perk’. Rarely gets the last word. Not so secretly in love with Rachel.

PAOLO (Playing range 25-35) A parody of the stereotypical ‘Italian Stallion’. All muscle and catchphrases. Loves women and cats. Looks good in the rain.

URSULA (Playing Range 25-35) Phoebe’s identical twin sister. Dry. Not fettered by emotions like care, compassion or empathy. Happy to work toward any situation that will benefit herself. Generally disinterested in any situation that doesn’t.




They killed off Dr. Drake Ramoray! They had him fall down an elevator shaft. Why do elevators have shafts? (sigh) I guess I was just too good at acting. But, it’s okay. It’s Saturday night, so we all have dates! Is it just me, or is Phoebe looking really hot today? How you doin?


(TO RACHEL) You had no right to tell me you ever had feelings for me! I was doing great. I met Julie. I was finally happy. Ugh! I don’t need this right now. It’s too late. I’m with somebody else. Dammit! I gotta get out of here…I gotta clear my head. (TO GANG) I’m going to do paleontology things!


Girls, can you come help me get ready for my date with Paul The Wine Guy? I think this time, it could be “the one.” Phoebe, stop chewing on the incense and come help. I need to pick out some high waisted jeans, an unflattering blouse and a diaphragm.


What? Is there something wrong with a girl sitting alone in a wedding dress eating Oreos on a Saturday night? Hmmn? Oh! I knew Ross liked me, but I didn’t know he loved me. Well, this changes everything! But, it’s Ross. I mean it’s Ross! Ross? Ross! I mean Ross?




(Covering) Oh god, whose old pair of underwear could that be on Monica’s couch? It’s gotta be Joey’s. Joey! Joey! Joey! Right. Joey? From that time you definitely took your underwear off on Monica’s couch. Remember? … Hey look! Ugly Naked Guy! What a great distraction from this uncomfortable conversation.


Oh, how awkward. Me having sex with Chandler and now Ross. (Lunges at JOEY) YOU’RE NEXT, JOEY! (Laughs) Listen, Ross you’re a sweet guy and all but, this just isn’t working out. Because, you whine so much. Like a whiny little bitch. Anyway, I’m gonna go stock up on some Plan-B. If guys you see Chandler, let him know he’s my Plan BING! (Janice laugh) Boi- yyyyeeeeee


Chandler! Every friend group in New York eats breakfast together, everyday. It’s what you do when you’re friends. Duh. (Phoebe walks to microphone and sits down.) Hi Central Perk! Let’s give a nice, warm Central Perk welcome to myself, Phoebe Buffay! (audience applauds phoebe stops them.) Ok, so Gunther said I couldn’t come up here and play again unless I didn’t mention a certain Mom in my life who died. So, this is a song about a cat that I just met.




Hey, you kids keep it down, in here! Hi, I’m Tom Selleck and this is my moustache. Is it cold in here? Did I ever tell you I was Magnum PI? Oh well, I guess I better go. It’s bingo night at the Seniors Center. Goodbye.


You didn’t pay! .. You never pay. Oh my god. Rachel. Hi!


My pussy! Paolo’s kitty cat! Very Sexy Man named Paolo lost his pussy! Ra-kel, you very beautiful. Hair like fettucini. Skin like prosciutto. Eyes like Olive Garden. How would you like to come back to my place for some Very Sexy Paolo time?


Well, if it isn’t my identical twin Phoebe, over here. By the way, Mom isn’t really dead. Yeah. We’re adopted and our real Mom lives in Montauk. And we have a half brother. Oh. And I don’t care.

Peter J Snee

Peter is a British born creative, working in the live entertainment industry. He holds an honours degree in Performing Arts and has over 12 years combined work experience in producing, directing and managing artistic programs & events. Peter has traversed the UK, Europe and Australia pursuing his interest in theatre. He is inspired by great stories and passionately driven by pursuing opportunities to tell them.

Peter J Snee

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